I partner with parents and children to support family goals and enhance daily lives through simplification, understanding and consistency. I address concerns including anxiety, hyperactivity, aggression, inattention, oppositionality, motivation, behavior management and social skills.

Parent Collaboration and Consultation

Parenting is a work in progress that is as unique as each of the children we are raising. I work with parents to process, support and advise based on your family’s needs and goals, your child’s presentation, and evidence-based practices. Through information-gathering and observation, we can implement strategies and skills to simplify and enhance your family’s daily lives.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Children

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a treatment that focuses on how our thoughts, emotions and behaviors impact one another. Utilizing CBT techniques, I encourage children to challenge distorted thinking and change negative patterns of behavior, leading to an increase in positive emotions and more successful interactions with others.

Play Therapy

Play Therapy is an evidence based therapeutic approach that builds on the natural ways children learn and communicate - which are best fostered through play. I use play therapy to help children learn adaptive behaviors, improve social skills, increase self-regulation, develop problem-solving skills and express themselves. As a therapist, it provides insight into how the child is feeling and perceiving his/her world.

Executive Functioning Skills

Executive functioning skills don’t always come naturally, and we can help position kids for success by working with them to develop these skills. When kids learn to plan, organize, and manage their time, they feel prepared to follow through with their responsibilities. This sense of empowerment can help ease anxiety and increase motivation.

Nanny Consultation and Support

Selecting a caregiver to help raise our children is one of the more personal and challenging decisions we make as parents. Communication and understanding are two of the more important components of this relationship, and when these areas are blocked, the relationship inevitably becomes strained. I meet with parents to discuss parenting philosophy, outline concrete practices in line with this philosophy, consult with parents on how to communicate with the nanny, and offer at-home observations used to provide supportive feedback and coaching for the nanny and parents.